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Hayden Dover, MFT

Body Centered Psychotherapy

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Premarital Counseling
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Considering Marriage, Engaged or Recently Married?

Congratulations on your choice to commit to a deep lasting relationship with someone you love.This is an exciting, important time that you will remember throughout your life.This is a time in your relationship when conscious reflection and emotional honesty can reap great rewards and potentially save you unnecessary suffering. Often the time and energy it takes to plan a wedding eclipses the much more important task of preparing for your marriage and spending the rest of your lives together.Preparing to spend your lives together is the purpose of premarital counseling.


                                                       Now is the time to:

• Develop communication skills and conflict resolution skills that will help you support each other in good times and bad.

• Discuss expectations you and your partner have about commitment.

• Deal with issues around money and intimacy.Marriage will challenge you to deal with these important areas of your life.

• Connect with and strengthen your individual and shared values and aspirations.

• Face whatever obstacles exist in your relationship while they are still relatively easy.

I offer a package of 6 ninety minute premarital counseling sessions focused on helping newlyweds navigate the challenging but rewarding terrain of building a life together as a couple.

To schedule a free initial consultation, or for more information, you can reach me by phone at 619-717-1832 or by email at .